Best Hair Dryer – Buying Guide for Hair Dryer 2020

You can ask as many women what she wants in her everyday life. The answer would be pretty simple: A best hair dryer because hair is considered as a woman’s glory and a natural crown that adore her beauty. That’s why you see women never forget her beauty salon appointment. They don’t want their hair to look messy because that will prompt that they are.  But do you know what the first and foremost thing required to make the hair plausible is?

It’s the hair dryer. You need an excellent hairdryer for a good hair day.

Before Sephros and Ultas popped in, buying a hair dryer had a minimalistic approach. Go to the new supermarket in the corner of the street; find the best hair dryers (Back then best hair dryers are nothing but which looks cute and also not pricy). But if we surpass the decade, now in 2020 buying hair dryers are like earning an advanced engineering degree.

You need to read and understand at least 10+ product reviews before choosing the best hair dryer that suits you.

Knowing all the challenges in buying the hairdryer, we have narrowed down to the top 7 hair dryers of 2020. These were top picks based on the technology, what they have to offer as a product, features, and user experience.

Buying Guide for Top 7 Hair Dryer

#1 Conair INFINITI PRO BY 1875 Watt AC Motor Pro Hair Dryer

Conair Infiniti PRO hair dryer – The Infiniti Pro by Conair is on popular demand as they have three heat technologies.

They come in two-speed options, which is a bonus. The exciting phenomena about this dryer are that they guarantee 75% less fizziness because of the ceramic technology you can create a stylish look without any fizziness. Comes in a handful of color and they are made of sturdy metallic. Compared to other dryers, the Infiniti Pro dries hair 50% quicker.

They are one of the perfect choices for all the hair types. The cold shot button helps to set your hair in curls, waves, and in other styles if needed.

#2 Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer

Revlon 1875W Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer – An advanced model of Revlon is the Volumizing turbo hair dryer that comes with the three system heating option.

They also have two-speed options along with the turbo airflow button. The main objective of this button is to increase the airflow steadily; therefore, you can dry the hair very quickly. Instantly you can use the option and do not have to wait until they are heated.

The diffuser button in the dryer helps in giving the look of hair with more volume. Even though they are an advanced model in the market, it is still the super-affordable dryers.

#3 BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme hair Dryer
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BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme Dryer – This is one of the most effective hair dryers available in the market. It is sturdy with far-infrared technology.

This helps to protect your hair from the damage caused when the hot air is instantly blown. You will love their six heating and speed options, which help to have a more desired look than usual.

BaBylissPRO was manufactured with the motive of giving more style and iconic look with the hair. Because most users believe that it creates a shiny look, and there is no fizziness at all.

The rubber covers the metal bod layer, and still, they are lightweight compared to others. It is soft, and you can make numerous breezy hairstyles with this dryer.

#4 StyleCraft PeeWee 1200 Dual Voltage Travel Dryer

StyleCraft PeeWee 1200 Dual Voltage Travel Dryer – If you have curly hair, we know the struggle. StyleCraft designed with the best performance for spiral curly hair. Also, it is one of the compact dryers found to date.

They are suitable for travel, and it helps to retain the moisture and shine. They have the technology blend of Keratin, Tourmaline, and ceramic. Hence the benefits are threefold higher than the other.

The tourmaline gives the best shiny look; keratin helps in taking off the hair while ceramic encourages fewer frizzes. Now you know why they are on the top list of the hair dryers.

#5 Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer for Smoother, Shinier Hair

Panasonic Compact Hair Dryer – This hair dryer was designed with the purpose of portability. It is evident with the lightweight design and has a foldable handle.

You can either pack them quickly and also do not need to take much space in the drawer. As products, they are stylish and can quickly dry the hair with the nanoe technology. This technology helps in retaining the moisture in hair while the particles are 1000x richer compared to the typical ions.

It adequately reduces the damage in the hair. You can enhance the smoothness and shiny with this hairdryer. The airflow is soft and comes with the three heat speed technology.

#6 Andis 1875-Watt Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

Andis 1875 Watt Ionic Hair Dryer – The Andis Iconic Hair Dryer was launched, especially for the people who suffer from the frizzy hair naturally. With the 1875 Watt technology, you can use the dryer for the ultimate styling. Whether you have long hair or short spiral hair, the airflow is moderated to create the best look.

There are three heat and speed technology with which you can choose your look, depending on the length of the hair. The Nano-ceramic technology is implied in this dryer, which helps in encouraging zero-fizziness. 

These dryers are also foldable and have a retractable cord. If you want a quick and easy look to maintain, the Andis is the best one to pick.

#7 STYLSET by HAI – Ionic Professional Hair Dryer – Ultra Quick-Dry – Fully Adjustable

STYLESET by HAI Professional Hair Dryer – One of the primary reasons why you need to pick StyleSet Hairdryer is that they are the first manufacturers who bring both heat and wind control. Most of the dryers have heat options separately, or they have a cool shot button. These need to be exclusively pressed, but in Styleset, you can control both simultaneously.

You can dry your hair with less effort and time. The fact that you do not need any extra heat also ensures that there is no typical hair damage. Many professionals use these dryers as they help in conditioning the scalp with the blue UV technology.

The Sweet jasmine scent is a bonus giving refreshing experiences. If you are going for a party or red carpet shows, they can create stunning looks.

These are some of the best hair dryers you can pick, which can help you efficiently and set the look any day. Even though there are numerous products out there, it has always been challenging to choose the best hair dryer. Especially if you are buying it for the first time, you will not be sure whether you made the right decision.  Thus, we have curated this content to help you better understand the equipment that you are going to use every day. This guide will help you choose the best hair dryer based on your needs.

When you think of hairdryer, people always just think of them as a fan that blows hot air to dry hair. But what they don’t understand is how well they can contribute to the health of the hair. Thus it is essential to know whether you are buying the best hair dryers.

Here are some of the crucial things that you may have to know before choosing the one.

Types of Hair Dryer

As you read the article, you may have seen the product specifications like Ionic, Titanium, Ceramic, Nanoe, and Tourmaline. The hairdryers can be categorized as these technologies, and it also makes sense of how they can shape your hair depending upon the types.

Ionic hair dryer

As the name suggests, their function is based on the ions. The water ions are positively charged; hence the ionic hair dryer shoots negative ions to scatter the water droplets. The science is simple here. As the water droplets get dispersed, it prevents from soaking and causing less frizz. Importantly they dry super quickly. This dryer must be used when you don’t have the time to dry. Since there is an electromagnetic field involved, it may not be suggested for long term usage.

Suggested for: People with thin and fine hair

Crucial for: Thick and naturally frizzy hair

Top 3 Ionic hair dryer recommendation

#1 Editor’s Choice

#2 Contender

#3 Also Consider

Ceramic hair dryer

The heating coil in the dryer is made of ceramic clay here. This means the heat is equally distributed and gently passed inside the hair. They have the capacity to moderate temperature. Even in this dryer, the negative ions are shot to eliminate the moisture. But the ceramic hair dryers give infrared rays. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about hair damage. Thus the hair is free from fizziness at the same time you get a shiny, smooth look. If you can’t find the ceramic in the label, it will be mentioned as porcelain or infrared.

Suggested for: Thin hair, long hair, naturally straight hair

Crucial for: Thick and fine hair or naturally dry hair

Top 3 Ceramic hair dryer recommendation

#1 Editor’s Choice

#2 Contender

#3 Also Consider

Titanium hair dryer

As you all know, the titanium is one of the demanded and expensive elements found on earth. Usually, the coating of titanium will differ with the intensity in different dryers.  This element is used as they can distribute the heat evenly, and the steady temperature can be maintained. There is no hair damage while using these dryers, and they can dry the hair super quick. Most of the professionals make up artists choose to buy this type of hair dryer as it gives an attractive look. Compared to other dryers, these are expensive and less weight.

Suggested for: Thick curly hair, naturally frizzy hair

Crucial for: Thin hair

Top 3 Titanium hair dryer recommendation

#1 Editor’s Choice

#2 Contender

#3 Also Consider

Apart from the types mentioned above, the tourmaline coating is the latest technology used. They are gemstone and can create a gentle look in the hair. They can promise zero-fizziness and gives the best shiny, smooth look for a long time. Nanoe is also a new but trending technology. They work with the static atomization phenomena. The charged microparticles help in removing the water. It is proven that this technology can keep the hair soft, shiny, and importantly healthy. Panasonic launched it, and they seem to be on higher demand.

There are combinational hair dryers which are found to be bestselling in the market. The benefits are more, and the durability of these dryers is long.


Check the weight of the dryer. It is one of the crucial factors, but most people do not check the same. Especially if you have long hair, then you have to choose the weightless hair dryers. As you go down to the hair, you may feel the dryer is already weighing so much. You will not be able to fulfill the purpose of using them. Most professionals also say the heavyweight dryers take more time to dry the hair because of the motor capacity. For example, if it usually takes 30 minutes for the hairdo, then never choose the metallic or heavyweight hair dryers. It will take forever to dry if you have thick and long hair.


There are certainly necessary but essential features that you need to know when you buy these best hair dryers,

Heat control settings This is the main element in a hairdryer. When you purchase the dryers, you can check the wattage. The dryers with high wattage produce more heat. Therefore these heat control settings help you in keeping the required temperature to set the hair. Most commonly, they are three-level setting: High, medium, and low. Some also come with two-level settings.

Power cord – Power cord is essential because that will help you keep free in motion. If you are drying or helping someone dry the flexibility is necessary. If you have only a limited length, then you may not be able to dry evenly. You will lose it as you can’t set the desired style at the right time.

Cool shot button – You can find the cool shot button in every dryer. For some people blowing heat air instantly on the hair may cause damage to the scalp. To avoid any sort of damage and to keep the temperature constant, these buttons are used.

Accessories – Hair dryers also come with features that support multiple accessories. Especially if you are trying out a new style or set the hair right, you may need this. Some of the accessories include Diffuser, comb pick nozzle, hanging loop, concentrator nozzle, etc. People who have thick hair or frizzy hair may need these accessories for quick results.

These are some of the things that you need to consider while buying the hairdryer. Some people have the habit of having the dyer in the bathroom. But it is also recommended to place them in another room as the humidity changes it will make your job tougher.


We hope this article has given you the complete guide of how you need to buy the best hair dryer. We strongly believe that buying an appropriate product will help you in the long run. Understand your hair type and then choose the best hair dryer among the products mentioned above. Using the product correctly is as important as buying them. Do not experiment with the hair..  Take a complete guide, read the manual before using them. When you hunt for the products, have the checklist, and see if they had met, all the requirements are met. Therefore that will also help you not to burn the hair or the pocket.

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