Amazon echo show Buying Guide

We live in an era where technology has been ever changing and revolutionizing the way we perceive things, the way we communicate and even live. Few years ago ‘being smart’ defined the way people were, but today it defines the way you live, thanks to smart technologies like virtual assistance and artificial intelligence. Amazon echo show is a cool and useful gadget which is using in our home.In this article we have written full reviews on Amazon echo show smart gadget for your home.

We all might be familiar with Amazon’s very own virtual assistance powered by artificial intelligence Alexa. Alexa, as robotic as it might be, was welcomed as one of us, into our homes. Alexa has made many lives easier and the technology never ceases to amaze us. Now Amazon has another one of its product lined up named Amazon echo show and this might be better than all that there ever was.

Amazon echo show
Amazon echo show

Amazon echo show is many things. It is a cross between a digital photo frame, a smart speaker and a small tv. While the idea of smart displays isn’t entirely new, it still hasn’t been so popular. Adding an AI voice assistance and many other features have surely raised few eyebrows. Amazon Echo was first introduced in the year 2017. With various modifications, the company has now introduced Amazon Echo Show – A smart speaker with infinite potential.

Design and Specifications

The Amazon Echo Show looks almost like a tablet, and blends quite well with the surroundings. With a powerful speaker on the bottom and a power port, the model is framed in glossy black plastic.

There are four microphones that can be used to speak to Alexa and buttons to adjust volume and control privacy. When left idle, it looks nothing more than a digital photo frame. You can choose the photos that you want to be run either from the collections of photos Amazons has or just sync your personal collection with Amazon’s library.

Amazon echo show
Introducing Echo Show 8 – HD 8″ smart display with Alexa – Sandstone

The device is powered by Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor and has Bluetooth connectivity to connect with your mobile phones and computer. There are various cards on the display that shows things like latest headlines, calendar and your appointments. There are settings to dim the screen too, when you are not present.

Features of Amazon Echo show

The Amazon Echo Show does everything that you would expect an Alexa smart speaker to such as answering your questions, giving you the latest news and giving you weather updates. Further by installing the amazon Alexa app, you get to add new skills, set routines and even connect other Amazon devices.

The best part of Amazon Echo Show is of course the presence of digital screen. Whatever information you need or ask, it presents it to you visually. Further with visual timers, Amazon Echo Show can be a help while working and keeping up with a schedule. Further, if you have smart lights and cameras, the gadget makes it easier to see things and control.

How to Set it up an amazon echo show

While most if the echo devices require the Aexa app to set it up, the Echo show can be set using wifi and your amazon account. All you need to do is connect the power cable on the back and just follow the instructions. Installing the app further does let you control things but these adjustments can be done in the screen directly with an excellent touch system. The introductory video that plays at the beginning of setting the device up is something that really proves to be informative and useful.

Video and Sound

The one thing that sets the Echo show apart from other Amazon devices is the video playback feature. The device supports YouTube and Amazon Prime, so you get to play music along with visuals or even play a movie in the device. The device can be controlled not just through voice but through touch too. Further, it has video calling feature with a good front facing camera and an excellent sound system. In fat, Echo show seems to also have the best sound system compared to other products.

It has two speakers that helps you to speak up and give instructions from distance and yet has a controlled bass level.

Performance of Amazon echo show

The Amazon Echo Show is surely one of its kind. It might just be a speaker but the features it has are surely plenty even for a speaker. It sure is one of the best smart speakers that is currently competing in the market today. The two individual drivers make up for an excellent auditory system and the passive radiator ensures the strong low end response.

The sound quality is excellent even though it does get a bit disturbing in high volumes. The presence of Dolby is also something to be mentioned useful while playing movies or short video clips.  While the screen isn’t that sharp, there are features to adjust brightness and also helps in saving energy. All in all, the gadget might not be the best yet, but it sure seem to have scope in the market and among its audience.


The Amazon Echo Show is currently available in the market for Rs 30,000. It is a great device with lot of features and potential. However, it is a speaker and a table top device. It is quite costly than the second generation of echo products and the only difference is that of a screen. Most of the features that the Amazon Echo Show has are add on’s, probably not something necessary or what a smart speaker would really need. While it does have a best sound and can be a great companion too, a device such as this is not something to buy on whim but only if you are into smart gadgets and the internet of things.


  • The body is pretty well designed with a shiny effect
  • The screen helps to add visual element too
  • It can act as a Bluetooth speaker
  • Can control smart home features
  • Good communication system


  • Expensive compared to other echo products
  • Relies too much on voice commands
  • Can activate suddenly
  • Limits the number of music and video services

Now that you have read all about the product and is still keen and crazy about the product, do give a tryout and enjoy the smart experience.

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