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With the advancement in technology, people have started replacing the manual can openers with an Electric can opener. As we all know, anything electric is always made to make our work just easier and quicker and that is exactly what is the best electric can opener does over a normal can opener. You can think of it as an advancement in the world of conventional can-openers as the electric can openers come with abundant features that are available at your fingertips to help you automate the process of opening canned goods in an easy and efficient way. Check out our top 5 electric can opener reviews

You might be wondering as to why people would pick an electric can-opener as against the manual ones. The reason is that you wouldn’t have to put in all your strength and efforts in opening just a can. In other words, it’s an easier process and it takes less time to open up a can. 

Electric can opener is a kind of kitchen tool that is used for Opening can.These best Electric can opener reviews are truly helpful for all buyers.

Adding an electric can-opener would prove to be very useful to your kitchen arsenal. We all have mixers, grinders and all sorts of electric appliances that would make us more efficient in the kitchen and help us cook the meal just the way we intended to. On similar lines, owning an electric can-opener would help us open any kind of canned food or beverages with ease and as efficiently as one can imagine while saving you the trouble of taking up extra time to just open a can.

Having said that, there so many options available in the market- with various designs, multiple functionalities and so many brands, how does one decide which is the one for them? But don’t you worry because I’ve got you covered. Below, I have listed down every detail you will need to help you select the can-opener that works the best for you.  

There are many choices available in the market for one of these best Electric can openers.There are models available for any budget and lifestyle.Some of them are a popular choice among consumers who are shopping for a mid to high range model. some makes are the more stylish models and are probably best known for their industries,So without confusing our reader We have Shortlisted Top 5 Best Electric Can Opener will be able to find the perfect model for your needs.

#1) Amazon’s Choice Highly recommended

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener

Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch Can Opener was awarded as the best sellers and it really gives the output as the of the best electric can opener. There are many electric can openers that cut the can from the top but this one cuts it from the side, eliminating the risk of touching your food. This makes sure that the can-opener need not be washed but just cleaned with a wet cloth.

The Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Can Opener cuts out the can smoothly and we can remove the can without hurting ourselves because of the smooth edges that it leaves on the sides of the tin. The design of the lever is quite impressive. The longer handle that the Hamilton Beach 76606ZA provides makes it easy for us to remove the can and also is a hassle-free process as it gives a better grip. Another advantage of this long handle is that we don’t have to put in too many efforts or strain our hand while operating it.

Smooth Touch can opener is sure to shine and brighten up your kitchen and is elegant and pleasing to look at. It comes in different colors too. Hamilton Beach 76606ZA comes with a one-year warranty which is awesome.

There’s nothing easier than using Hamilton Beach 76606ZA Smooth Touch can opener to open cans. The way you use this can opener is by placing the can under the cutter. The next step is to hold the lever down until the can opener completes one rotation, lift the top, and there you have it! Talking in terms of sanitation is the best as it doesn’t touch your food at all.

You will be spared the washing and the cleaning time and would, in turn, save you a lot of time when you are hosting a party and want to open a lot of cans. Speaking in terms of how long it will last, then let me tell you this product is quite durable. You will not have to replace it at least for 5 years. 

#2) Amazon’s Choice Value for money

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener

If I had to use just one word that would do justice to this best electric can opener it would be “brilliant”. That’s an honest opinion of the hundreds of people out there who have used Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener and found it to be helpful. When you first look at this product, you’ll be instantly impressed with the gadget.

The best part in Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener is, it comes only in metallic colors that are sure to give your kitchen a rich look and is also quite the color that goes with almost all the kitchen colors. It is sure to give your kitchen the harmony that you’ve been looking for. 

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener comes with a one year warranty. Now, technically speaking the working of this can opener is easy and it gives the best performance too. It is the kind of appliance that a baby can use too (Not literally).

The Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener comes with a knife sharpener. On the back, it has a bottle opener too. It is slim and has a long handle which means it is easy to operate and works on all types of cans. The best part about this can opener is that it is dishwasher friendly and has an automatic shutoff. You really will be impressed with its brilliant performance and the ease to operate this machine.

#3) Amazon’s Choice Trusted tools for kitchen

Hamilton Beach 76607 Clean Cut Extra-Tall Can Opener

As the name suggests, the brilliant part about this appliance is that Hamilton Beach 76607 Clean Cut Extra-Tall Can Opener is tall and that’s what makes it super duper easy for all of us to use it. Appearance-wise this device is super pleasing to look at.

Hamilton Beach 76607 Clean Cut Extra-Tall Can Opener comes in elegant colors and sure will rock the look of your kitchen and would be a fantastic addition to your kitchen arsenal. The one thing that I liked the most about this can opener is that we wouldn’t have to clean this often as we can just put it in the dishwasher.

This Hamilton Beach 76607 Clean Cut Extra-Tall Can Opener has got removable blades which makes it even more convenient for us to clean it. In terms of performance, it will give you above-average satisfaction.

It is durable and robust. It comes with a knife sharpener and a bottle opener. Like most of the products listed above, this best electric can opener has an automatic shut off mechanism. It is designed so as to make the user experience a pleasant one.

This can opener comes in various colors. If you are not fond of washing your tools, then all you have to do with Hamilton Beach 76607 Clean Cut Extra-Tall Can Opener is clean it out dry. Overall, I would say that it is good for a mid-range product and that you wouldn’t have to waste your time as it opens up the cans in just one try.

#4) Amazon’s Choice Durable, yet affordable time-savers for your kitchen

Proctor Silex Plus 75217F Automatic Can Opener

Many of you may mistaken this cheap electric can-opener to be a low-quality product. But let me tell you Proctor Silex Plus 75217F Automatic Can Opener is not.

The product is affordable and it is quite durable too. The durability is not to be questioned just because it is affordable, rather this product will last years. Proctor Silex Plus 75217F Automatic Can Opener comes with a knife sharpener. The reason we included this product between the high-end ones is because of its performance.

This Proctor Silex Plus 75217F Automatic Can Opener gives the performance that sometimes even the high-end electric can openers fail to. Also, it is worth noting that this product functions very silently as compared to the rest. It is mess-free, quick and wouldn’t spread the food all around the kitchen. 

It has a cutting lever that we can detach. This makes the cleaning of the device simpler. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on electric can-openers then this is the one for you. 

#5) Editor’s Choice Best Overall

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

I have been keeping the best for the last. This Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener is going to blow your mind.

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener comes with a precision power cut blade that the above-mentioned products don’t. As far as I know, this works better than all the ones I have listed. It is quite affordable too.

It may not the number 1 seller but its performance, affordability, and reliability are what sets this product apart from the rest. It comes with a press-and-release lever for easy handling.

This Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener can stop automatically and also has an extra-wide base to prevent sliding. It comes with a magnetic lid holder which is a plus point. It sure does come with an easy to clean design.

How to Operate an Electric Can Opener

Though there are a few can openers which require to be mounted beneath the cabinets, with the rest, we start by placing the best electric can opener on a flat surface like a kitchen counter or a tabletop. Next, we rotate the lever which would separate the metal disc-like part and another sharp disc that punctures around the edge of the can top. The next step is to position it such that it is against the metal disc, which is to be placed horizontally on the opener.

The lower part rests on top which helps in rotating the can for opening. After that, we lower the cutting disc and when we lower the handle which will cause the cutting disc to puncture the lid. Finally, all we have to do is push it completely down to activate the opener which helps the disc to turn while cutting the metal rim and we can raise the handle of the electric can opener to remove the top and use the can.

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What Are the Types of Can Openers?

One-touch can opener

For everyone who is tired of using the traditional can opener, here is one new can opener -The One Touch Can Opener. As the name suggests, all you have to do is touch and the can will open in no time. The operation of this kind of can opener is hands-free which is really convenient for people of all ages to use as they don’t have to struggle as they do with the traditional can opener.

The best part about One-touch can opener is that there would be no sharp edges so it is safe too.  It is quite easy to operate as well as it is very convenient. There is no mess and the lid doesn’t touch the food inside the can. All we have to do is place this on the lid of the can and press the button. It will cut the edges and it will automatically stop after the lid is cut. Next, we have to lift the device and voila the lid is removed easily. 

Automatic Can Opener

What’s better than having an easier way to open the cans? Here, I bring to you an automatic can opener that is easier and takes out all the effort that we would have put in the traditional one. There’s no more hassle of turning the knob and taking out the top of the can without letting it touch the food. Also, in traditional can openers, you have to put a lot of strength but with the invention of an automatic can opener, it has made our lives simpler. The design is quite robust. It uses the power to move around the can and cut it from the edges. The light-weight of the opener also adds to its advantage.

Industrial Can opener

An industrial can opener includes a cutting wheel for fragmenting and a traction wheel for grip. They have rotating wheels which help in cutting the cans. It’s a heavy-duty can opener that is suitable for cutting out the lid of the cans and it does so smoothly.  As the name suggests, this is to be preferably used in industries and for their work. Industrial Can opener is robust and strong so as to withstand the heavy tin cans.

Tornado Can Opener

The Tornado can opener is a completely hands-free operating device. All we have to do is touch and press the button to start the cutting process. When the device is done cutting the top of the can, it will stop automatically. It is capable of rotating 360 degrees and can open a can of various sizes. The best part of Tornado Can Opener would be that it doesn’t leave sharp edges and the magnet helps in taking off the lid without any hassle. It is a safe way to cut the can and enjoy the food inside. It works very fast, just like a tornado and the durability of this opener is long too.

The Advantages of owning an electric can opener

We have already discussed how it would save time but you might be thinking just saving a couple of minutes is not doing any good. In that case, let me tell you it is much easier on hands as it reduces the strain of you having to put in all the strength to take the lid out.

Apart from that, say you have a party at your house or you have a small restaurant, an electric can-opener would help you a lot as you can get all your canned goods out in a matter of seconds sparing you from all the work that goes behind opening one with a traditional best electric can opener.

If I have to list down another advantage it would that it really adds up to your kitchen decor. You will find a conventional can-opener in almost any house but having an electric one would definitely set you aside and speak how you like to step up your kitchen arsenal. Another advantage is that an electric can-opener comes with safety features that reduce the risk to the user which is the most important aspect to be considered while buying any kind of electronic product. 

Before you buy an electric can opener check for the following:

Ease of Cleaning and Use

Every tool or appliance that we use in the kitchen needs to be cleaned and stored properly. We cannot expect everyone to be diligent with cleaning the tools in the kitchen. In that case, if you are looking for a top-cut can opener, you will have to have them hand washed and cleaned on a regular basis as they get in touch with the food.

There are various models out there that come with a removable blade that would probably make the cleaning much easier but could also be a hassle sometimes to remove and put it back again.  While the ones that cut from the side don’t come into contact with the food, so they tend to stay cleaner for longer periods. Another aspect to take into consideration while buying an electric can-opener is the ease of use of the product you’re getting. Normally, the one with the long huddle is the easier one of the lot.


This is something that hits the top priority when you are choosing any product because everyone is concerned about sanitation. I have heard a lot of people saying that sometimes the metal shavings fall off when they were trying to open the lid and have also ended up eating them. This is a serious problem as it could lead to death in extreme cases. Always select an electric can-opener that would not touch your food under any circumstances as it would eliminate all the risks of having any metal inside your body. 

Product Features

The best part of the best electric can openers is that they come with a whole new range of features that prove to be useful in the longer run. They truly add meaning when you compare them with the classic, manual can-openers. Some of the features included in an electric can-opener are having built-in knife sharpeners, jar openers, automatic on and off and more such features


As I have already mentioned that this product will speak a lot about your class and taste for luxurious items even in the kitchen. This product will be a great addition to your kitchen arsenal and if you are anything like me, you sure would like to sync the kitchen and this product will not disappoint you as it comes in various colors. You wouldn’t face a face problem while finding an electric can-opener that blends well with the colors in your kitchen and take it from me, it is surely going to add that modest touch that you need in your kitchen.


We all know that this is an essential aspect that we need to consider before committing to buy one. We know that traditional can openers are cheap. You will be surprised to know that even the best electric can openers are typically inexpensive and fairly affordable. If you are someone, who would just want the high-end items in their kitchen, even then the electric can-opener would still be cheaper than the rest of the products out there. The upside is that you will not have to replace the can-openers frequently as they are robust and reliable ones will last for years. 

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