Things to consider when purchasing best trimmer line

Waking up to a neatly cut lawn is what we all dream of and to achieve that we normally use a best string trimmer whenever we are mowing or landscaping. The reason that we use string trimmers is that they are made from materials that are strong enough to slice through the grass and weeds quite easily. This robust material is what we call to be a best trimmer line. To ensure that our string trimmer is in optimal working condition, we need to have enough trimmer line. Trimmer lines are not outlined to last for a very long time and these trimmers have to be replaced after a few months. 

Since we have to replace the trimmer line often, it’s always better to have a best trimmer line well in advance. A question that now arises is that what exactly should we look for when we are buying one? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I’ll be giving you the perfect guide that you need to buy a best trimmer line.

1. Cyclone CY155S3 – Strongest Trimmer Line

The first one that I would like to recommend today is the Cyclone CY155S3. As the name suggests, it works like a cyclone but in the best possible way. There is absolutely nothing that could go wrong with this trimmer line. In fact, it can cut even the thickest of the weeds with ease.
This trimmer line is well suited for all the yard types like small, medium or even large. Cyclone CY155S3 is made out of reinforced copolymer nylon, which makes this trimmer line easy to mow the lawn. A really good part of having this trimmer line is its longevity. It can cut through yards and yards without any damage.

This trimmer line might be a little expensive than usual but it is worth it as it lasts longer than the others. As there is not much resistance or snag while cutting the grass because of its enhanced cutting ability, the wear and tear is not easy and will not give out prematurely. 

It’s specially made for commercial weed eaters as it’s thick enough and sturdy enough to handle high speeds.

Final Verdict

If you’re a professional landscaper who’s looking for a really good and a trimmer line that lasts long, Cyclone CY155S3 is your best bet. It has an exceptional ability to slice through even the thickest of the weed And that’s why it is called the strongest trimmer line. It doesn’t just have superior strength but it quite durable too. 

2. Husqvarna 639005106 – Best Trimmer Line for Heavy Weeds

This particular trimmer line called as the Husqvarna 639005106 is the best for heavy weeds in a medium price range as it has an impressive ability to move at aggressive speeds without bending. It’s the trimmer line you’re going to find in the medium-duty trimmer line trend.
This trimmer line is made out of a material called copolymer (nylon induced)which is robust and is designed to slice through any width of the weeds with ease. It lasts longer than other trimmer lines as well and it will be long before you feel the need to change a trimmer line.

It’s the best for both amateur and professional landscapers as the multiple edges in the Husqvarna 639005106 are designed in such a way that it will easily cut through weeds without any disturbance and irrespective of the angle at which it will hit the grass. This, in turn, helps in saving a lot of time and can help us get our jobs done at a faster rate. The durability of the product will help us in saving money too.

Final Verdict

I would suggest you buy this trimmer line if you’re a fan of landscaping like a professional or if you don’t have to landscape on really huge yards. It is strong, robust and will definitely last longer than the other cheaper products and would help you do a great job with your lawn. 

3. Oregon 22-895 – Best .095 String Trimmer Line

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If you’re looking for a trimmer line in a reasonable price range with longer life then this Oregon 22-895 is the one for you. It is made from reinforced nylon which makes it quite simple for the landscapers to slice through medium-sized weeds. 

It has multiple edges which makes it really handy for the amateurs as well as the professionals to cut through the weeds without much resistance. It is also made up of the material that can withstand the wear and tear. What makes this product durable is its thickness.  

Final Verdict

I would suggest all to buy this trimmer line as it is strong, robust, sturdy and would withstand all the resistance for all types of landscapers. Also, this trimmer line saves time, money and effort. 

4. DeWALT DWO1DT802 – Best .080 Trimmer Line

All the above trimmer lines were for the people who landscape professionally, but maybe you just are the kind of person who likes to mow their house, keep it looking good and grassy then you wouldn’t need a heavy-duty trimmer line. A simple and a lighter one would do the trick. 

This trimmer line is quite strong yet thin making it the best for light-duty jobs such as mulch the beds. It is made of flexible materials that are impact-resistance so that they last longer. Since this is a light-duty trimmer line it is quite affordable and you wouldn’t have to spend a lot buying it over and over again.

It will slice through the grass effortlessly and without any resistance. It is best for home use.

Final Verdict

This would be the trimmer line for home use. It is consistent, costs less money and is a robust trimmer line. It will help you in cleaning out your weeds with ease and no hesitance. 

5. Maxpower 333665 – Best Nylon Trimmer Line

Here’s a pocket-friendly option if you’re looking to buy a trimmer line with optimal quality. It is the thinnest trimmer line that can only be used for home purposes. I wouldn’t recommend buying this trimmer line if you are a professional landscaper. 

The shape of this trimmer line is round and it is made out of just nylon. It will not be as robust as the others mentioned above but it will slice through light grass just fine and without much resistance.

Final Verdict

I would suggest Maxpower 333665 if you want the cheapest option in the market and would use the trimmer line for home purposes only. Works well with light-duty grass and weeds. It is also fairly durable.

6. Tanaka 746570 – Best Cheap Medium-Duty Trimmer Line

This trimmer line would be fruitful for you if you’re someone who doesn’t make a great deal about working on their yards but wouldn’t mind doing it from time to time. It is comparatively cheaper than the rest and it cuts perfectly through medium-thick weeds. 

It is a medium-duty trimmer line which means although it is best for home but is also capable of doing commercial work around the yard too. Though the roll of this trimmer line is not as much as that of the others, it is good enough for getting the job done.

An interesting feature of this Tanaka 746570 is that it doesn’t make any noise while spinning. It is quite durable for the medium-duty trimmer lines present in this price range. 

Final Verdict

I would suggest buying this Tanaka 746570 for the people who don’t use a trimmer line quite frequently but would still like to go for a durable, silent when in use and robust trimmer line. 

7. Maxpower 333695 – Best Round Trimmer Line

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Sometimes you just want a trimmer line for your home use and you don’t even use the trimmer that often, in that case, the trimmer line you should be looking for is Maxpower 333695. This trimmer line is round in shape and it is made out of nylon components. 

Since this trimmer line is just made out of nylon it is not as robust as the heavy-duty trimmer lines but it is fairly good for slicing through the thin as well as medium grass and weeds with utmost ease and without resistance. 

Though it is not advised to be used for commercial purposes, it is best suited for homeowners who like to landscape around their house once in a while. 

Final Verdict

I would suggest you buy this trimmer line if you landscape around the house once in a while. It is pocket-friendly and fairly strong. Wouldn’t rate it the best, but not the worst trimmer line either. It cuts well through thin grass and weeds. It is durable and good for this price range.

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Trimmer Line. Things to consider when purchasing trimmer line

If you are someone who has no idea about best trimmer line to select and what all things to look at before buying one, then you are at the right here. Here, I present to you a buyer’s guide for the trimmer line. When you first look at a trimmer line, all would look the same. Maybe they will have different wrapping styles and different colors but they will look the same more or less. However, that is not the case. 

What’s the point of the trimmer line?

Let’s first try to understand why do we need to buy the best trimmer line. So basically, trimmer lines are nothing but long electrical power tools that have the ability to slice through or cut down grass and weeds. These tools are often possessed by a professional landscaper which makes it easier for him to slice through the weeds without any hesitance or resistance. The tools that we use for landscaping need a trimmer line and that is why buying a perfect trimmer line is of the utmost importance. It is safe to say that the line trimmer works only with a trimmer line present. 

For a line trimmer to whip around and slice through grass and weeds a long, string-like material, the trimmer line is inserted. There are various trimmer line depending on the experience of the landscapers. Sometimes, the landscaper works only on light-duty so he would require only light-duty trimmer line, whereas a professional landscaper who cuts through thick grass would generally require a heavy-duty trimmer line which is made from copolymer induced nylon. You have to ensure that you get a trimmer line that will get the job done in a convenient way and as quickly as possible.  

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There are multiple different trimmer lines and there are a lot of factors and features to help us distinguish one from another. There are certain unique features in each of the trimmer lines which sets itself apart from the rest. The key aspects in determining which is the right one for you is shape, material, durability, and diameter. Let’s look at them one by one:


At first glance, the trimmer line may look really thin but it comes in multiple different shapes and sizes. The reason that the trimmer line comes in various shapes is that each shape slices through the grass and weed differently. All the trimmer lines look almost the same but if you look closely they differ in shapes. Below, I have listed a few common shapes to help you find which is best suited for the job :

  1. The round trimmer line is best for small jobs like for your home purpose.
  2. The multi-sided trimmer line is well suited for medium-sized jobs where the grass is medium-thick.
  3. The serrated and twisted trimmer line is most commonly used in large, landscapes where there is a need for heavy-duty jobs.


Talking about material, this is an important aspect that you might want to consider based on how good are you at landscaping. The important material used in a trimmer line is nylon. The high-end trimmer lines are often made of copolymer induced nylon to add strength and durability to the trimmer line. Such best trimmer lines are best for heavy-duty because of their robustness. The trimmer lines made out of nylon and some plastic components are used for light-duty and are don’t last much longer. They are good for homeowners who just need to landscape their yard once in a while. 


The whole point of buying a good quality trimmer line is so that it lasts long. So, another factor that we should consider while buying a trimmer line is its life. If you buy a cheaper one which isn’t durable, you’ll have to replace it faster than expected. So, it really would cost you more in the long run. Always make sure that you read the reviews of the trimmer line before you buy one. Having to change the trimmer line is not only inconvenient but it also ends up being costly. 


The diameter of the trimmer line is directly proportional to how it is going to work and for which kind of yard. If you’re looking for a trimmer line for your home purpose then a light diameter ranging from 0.065-0.080 inches would do a great job. If you are a professional landscaper t0hen you might want to grab a trimmer line with a thicker diameter. The heavy-duty trimmer line diameters usually range from 0.11 inches and beyond. Sometimes, you would want a trimmer line which is best suited for medium-duty work and it ranges from 0.065 to 0.080 

Which trimmer line is best for you?

I have already mentioned all the key factors to take into consideration when you buy a trimmer line. But now, to choose the best one for you, you need to dive into a couple of options like the size of your yard. If you have a small yard then any light-duty trimmer line would be great. But, if you have a larger yard, then you would probably need the one with good durability, made out of good material and should be comfortable for heavy-duty yard jobs. 

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Another factor that you should take into consideration is the weed’s thickness. If the weeds are thick in your yard then opting for a light-duty trimmer line is not going to be a suitable option. If you use it for thick weeds and grass then it will wear down quite easily and quickly. Better to opt for an optimal trimmer line than replacing it again and again with a cheaper one.

It is necessary to know that if you are going to be working on a field with thick weeds, so as to buy a heavy, high-end trimmer line. The benefit of buying a high-end trimmer line would be that you wouldn’t have to replace it as often and would, in turn, save you a lot of money.


A trimmer line is an essential part of a best line trimmer and it is an integral part of the landscaper’s toolbox. The reason that the landscapers prefer a line trimmer over lawnmowers is that the latter can reach the areas that the former simply can’t. In order to make a string trimmer work sufficiently, it needs a supply of the best trimmer line. Lay out your money on a high-quality trimmer line. In conclusion, I would like to say that if you initially invest in a better trimmer line that is required for your yard then you will not have to get it replaced as quickly. Now, that you have all the information, go and figure out which is the best suited for your yard.