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There are numerous times when you thought Roti makers should be easy, but they are not. Especially with the multiple brands like rotimatic available on the market. It is highly challenging to find the right one. When people think when buying a kitchen appliance, for now, it’s all about money. So they buy considerably cheap roti makers. But this is not the case with Roti makers.Always choose a rotimatic reviews before buying it.

At the point when you buy a roti maker, getting a branded roti maker is critical. However,do some proper research and find what the top brands that offer value for the money are.

Rotimatic Roti maker is one of the recommended brands that will guarantee that you with multiple features. Most importantly, roti’s are cooked consistently and taste great. In this article, we will be walking through various advantages of buying Rotimatic roti maker. There are multiple aspects discussed below which will help you make the smart decision ever.

Some of the Rotimatic Reviews are mentioned below

Using this machine is a very simple even inexperienced person who can make chapatis.

This machine is easy to clean after using it.

This machine is operated on electricity; hence it is eco-friendly.

The chapatis made by this machine are soft and perfect.

This machine is easily available in the market or can be purchasedfrom online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Why consider buying Rotimatic Roti maker?

Weight of Rotimatic

They are hefty, and you cannot carry them instantly. People most assume that they are like a wet grinder. But they are wrong. Because the wet grinder can be stored in the pantry and you can bring them when they have the use. With rotimatic that’s not the scenario. If you had installed them in a dedicated place, you could not move them. Ensure you have proper electric and internet connection. Thinking of carrying them for vacation, or picnics are a terrible idea. Rotimatic reviews suggest that it is the best automatic gadget that is available at this point in time for automatically preparing rotis.

Power consumption

Even though theRotimatic officially claims that the power consumption is 110V (1.6kw to1.8kw), it cannot be readily determined. They are hard to quantify how muchpower has been utilized by the rotimatic alone. Say, for example, when comparedto the heater they consume less, but when compared to mixes, they consume more.


If you are aperson who uses wet grinder, you probably know how much sound they make. Youcannot call rotimatic roti maker noise as annoying. They are little and do notcreate a hell of a noise. But they eventually do make some noise. Well! Youdon’t have to feel it scratchy.


Cleaning isquite easy compared to any other roti maker. However, you need to show someefforts and love while cleaning. Never skip cleaning after use. If at all youmiss them, then the Rotimatic sends an alarm. The dough kneading partespecially needs cleaning daily. Ensure that every time before you fix cleanthem. Also, it’s easy to clean them in parts when the roti’s are made. As yourub and wash them, it gets problematic. It is difficult and tough to scrub themto remove the extra dough off from the machine.

As you startusing, you can see that Rotimatic is easy. Even a small kid of 10 years old canuse it without any assistance. But if you forget to clean then the next day,it’s going to dramatic. The robot does not want to work because it needs you toclean them. Make sure you have a separate dedicated time for cleaning thisevery day as a routine.


Here comes the most convincing but not an easy go task for purchase. Rotimatic is obviously priced higher than usual. We cannot deny it. But you need to remember that they are not just one another equipment or machine or an electronic gadget for your kitchen. It is a formulated robot that worth the money. The original price is $999; however; there are e-commerce sites that offer you some best discount from the seller directly. People quite often ask, is it a necessity?

The answer issimple. If you are, there are two types of clothes in the wardrobe. One is whatis necessary; secondly, some clothes elevate your lifestyle. Depending on yourcomfort level, the needs will change. Similarly, rotimatic roti maker is acomfortable necessity that any kitchen may require. Consider you are looking for a healthy lifestyle and Roti is the most essential of your diet.  Or think of a scenario where you need to make Rotis for at least 6 people every day. Initially, they can be easy, later you become frustrated.

In such cases, Rotimatic is the most suggested electronic for the modern lifestyle and kitchen. All you need is some wheat flour and water. The value is worth the money you invest in buying them.

What makes Rotimatic unique?

As the busylifestyle changes everything, we have started making a transition to frozenproducts. Roti’s are not exceptional. But one thing we are not sure is whatgoes inside as they wanted it to look fresh. Without additives, they cannot bepreserved for a long time. Health-conscious people often want to avoid thesituation. But they are not sure where to start.

Rotimatic Rotimakers are an ideal option. You can buy them and make fresh, healthy roti’s ofyour choice. Think about people who are in diet and wanted to consume differentflavored roti’s on different days. You can use it with various flours andcreate unique roti’s every day.

It doesn’t stop with Roti’s. Based on the featured consistency, you can also make pooris, tortillas and pizza base. Now you know how the vale is justified for the price. Also, the seller gives you an additional discount to make payment in instalment. Well, that comes to just $84 per month at a rate of 0%.

What are the additional features available?

Well! Theanswer is exciting

As mentioned above, Rotimatic Roti makers are your kitchen robots. They are programmed for your convenience. So they work just like how you want. For example, there is a programmable delay feature which can use it as you are involved in busy cooking. Also, you will fall in love with the timer elements that help when you wanted the roti’s to be served fresh as you come from shopping. It’s highly advanced and futuristic with the features and components.

Now it comes the real magic. Rotimatic YouTube Channel works brilliantly for the users. There are numerous recipes that you can cook every day. People frown at Roti’s as you serve them daily. Bring some excitement on the table by cooking the most delicious food. However, you need to be careful with the consistency. As they don’t suggest or show them clearly. For example, even though all these food can be served amazing, it doesn’t show the roast level, oil level or the thickness of different flours. Don’t be confused; as you practice, you are going to master that.

What is the quality of roti’s?

This is themost frequently asked question. Since they are not handmade people oftenquestion the quality and taste. You need to remember that even though they arenot handmade, it’s homemade. The taste and quality are retained. You will lovethe soft and texturing Roti’s served with the excellence. Buy buying this toyour home; you are making the kitchen works easier. That does not compromiseanything on the quality.

What gets thebest is even when you are cooking at home, in a hurry sometimes the Roti’s becomesuncooked at the edges. When the dough becomes dry, they form inedible roti’s.That’s not the case with the Rotimatiic roti makers. Without any secretingredient, they have a unique technique that serves the taste of your mom’s.

Try giftingthis to your mom and surprise her. In this way, you make the most painfulprocess easy and get served with the delicious Roti’s served with hermouthwatering chole.

What makes it favorable?

Now aftersaying all the features above, well this is not a more suitable question. Butsome things make the equipment your favorite.

Easy usage

Whether youhave 75year old mom or a kid of 10 years old both can get the cooking startedquickly with the Rotimatic Roti maker. They don’t need any assistance, or theirtechnology is not so difficult to understand. Anyone can get practice with thethree or four-time usage. All their features are simple and user-friendly. Thecooks of different homes also think it’s the best attribute for the owner’skitchen. They learn it super quick and nothing less or nothing more to undo.

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Hardware + Software

At any point ofthe day, this is the most essential element of the Rotimatic. They just haveone hardware that carries out the functions of multiple usages. The Software isso very different but its packaged as a single robot. People call it as an”Instant love pot”. They get updated with version and have a strongcustomer base who had come back to buy the newest of them all. But that doesn’tmean that the machine needs to upgrade as the Software. Because it’s anautomatic function. Initially, if you see, you are just buying it for theequipment or hardware that you use. But eventually, the technology is availablewith just a one-time investment.


Most people arefreaked out of cleaning the roti maker. Well! Even cleaning the Rotimatic Rotimakers are necessary, but they are not as daunting as you think. If youproperly schedule and divide them into separate parts to clean, it’s going tobe easy. However, it’s not too demanding to use specific cleaners ortechniques. Just remove the parts, clean them separately and fix them rightthere. People call that a hobby nowadays while they enjoy doing it with thekids. Also, the one thing you don’t want to worry about is that even the partsare dishwasher safe. So it wouldn’t really take much of your time.

What is the one best thing that makesRotimatic standout?

Their RotimaticInternet features are undeniable. Basically, you need to have a reliableinternet connection and at least works in 4G speed. It works perfectly fine,and you can get the recipes instantly while cooking. If you have the routerclose to the kitchen or high bandwidth, they work flawlessly.

What is the one thing you don’t have tofreak about?

The initial tries are a bit different. Unlike your other roti maker where you need to press them, here it’s all automatic. So, in initial attempts, people complain about how the roti’s don’t get pressed. This is basically you have not maintained the humidity in which the fresh roti’s can be made. If they are too moist or dry, all you will get is a huge blob out. To be honest, this was the desired program that can accommodate only consistency that provides healthy roti’s. Hence if the rotis have any unsuitable consistency, they quickly get denied by the Rotimatic. Try with the recommended consistency to get the fresh and healthy roti’s. Refer to Rotimatic reviews for this.

Warranty and Replacement

Similar to any other electronic appliances, even Rotimatic comes with the warranty and coverage of one year. Enjoy the premium advantages in the one year like doorstep hardware coverage, access to troubleshooting remotely and international coverage if you are moving elsewhere from the time of purchase.Suppose if you wanted an extra one-year coverage, then you can apply any time before 6 months from the date of delivery. But always keep a tab on whether you are eligible for the extended time. Because, if the version has to be changed entirely, there is no point in extending warranty them.


The contactsupport from Rotimatic Roti maker is available 24×7. If you find there areissues with the Software, it is usually diagnosed by the expert’s teamremotely. But in case of a problem with the hardware, the seller sends a returnlabel within 48 hours. All you need to do is pack the roti maker attaches thelabel and contacts the logistics team to pick them up. From the time of pickingup, your Rotimatic roti maker will be replaced within 4-10 business days.


Hope this article has given you enough information about the various as elements that can make the smart decision of buying Rotimatic Roti maker. Always ensure that you are making the right investment for your kitchen. There are so many advanced features built in the equipment which are constructed by considering the future. This Rotimatic Roti maker as a kitchen robot will always be helpful and staying ahead of the kitchen.

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