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How to Defrost Shrimp – 2 Super Easy Ways to Do It

Buying shrimps may be a bit confusing for a newbie cook. While it may be tempting to buy a bag of fresh-looking shrimps in the supermarket, I’d still recommend buying frozen shrimps instead. Ironically, frozen shrimps are often fresher than thawed-out ones because shrimps are usually frozen right after they’re harvested. If you spot thawed-out shrimps […]

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Breakfast Bombs Recipe – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Welcome to BBQ Recipe Z. I’m Jack Smith. Today I’m going to be showing everyone how to cook up breakfast bombs. First let’s look at the ingredients and equipment you need to get this recipe together.For this recipe, all you’re going to need is: check 2 large russet potatoes check 1 package Johnsonville original breakfast […]

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How to Reheat Ribs and Keep Them Juicy? It’s Super Simple!

Have you ever found yourself with stacks of leftover ribs after a cookout or dinner party? Storing them in the freezer is one thing, reheating them the following day (or week!) is another. So do you know how to reheat ribs while keeping them juicy? I’ve tried many ways to reheat leftover ribs, and I’m telling […]

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